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Damage Oscillator Fuzz

Damage Oscillator Fuzz

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*Image represents current prototype/concept and may be subject to change*

The Damage Oscillator Fuzz is an original 4 transistor fuzz circuit that I refined over the course of the past year. It’s a very glassy square wave fuzz with a finely tuned oscillator that adds a ton of harmonics and note destroying decay. It features a volume knob and the “damage” oscillator which can be utilized to add in extreme broken texture when turned to the right. When turned to the left the oscillation can be removed altogether to reveal the cleaner character of the original fuzz circuit. Suitable for Guitar and Keyboard/Synth.

Now includes an additional tone knob and momentary drone footswitch.

All pedals are handmade with the highest quality parts and assembly and run off the standard 9V DC centre negative power supply. High quality isolated power recommended.

Currently shipping in the US only.

The pedal is extremely sensitive to guitar volume/treble and as such all demos are recorded with the volume/treble at full setting.

Highly recommend listening to all demos with high quality headphones.

Baritone Guitar & Synth Demo by Joel Gilardini

Guitar & Bass Full Mix Song Demo
Single track demo sketch - Guitar and Bass both running through the pedal.

Notes Demo - With Oscillation

Each note drops multiple notes as the sustain drains out. It is very sensitive to how hard you play the string - also sensitive to harmonics and other playing techniques.

Synth/Keyboard Demo

Guitar Chords Demo - No Oscillation

Guitar Chords Demo - With Oscillation

Bass Guitar Demo

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