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Concrete Reverb

Concrete Reverb

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The Concrete Reverb combines a modded take on the IVP Tube sound overdrive with a dark and moody analogue reverb. 

It features a gain control and an active EQ for bass and treble to dial in a blooming fuzz like reverb at one end and heavy clanging ambience at the other. 

Built to be as expressive as possible, both the bypass and order effect switch are running on soft relay switches that can be held momentarily or switched traditionally. Both modes are indicated by a changing LED: Red for overdrive first and Yellow for Reverb first. Switching momentarily at high setting can create emerging reverb swells and can be used creatively when combined with the feedback/reverb expression input. 

The expression input enables a feedback loop in red mode and a reverb control in yellow mode. The feedback expression mode reacts to the EQ, reverb and gain allowing fully controllable high pitched squeals and bass blowouts. In yellow mode with the reverb slider set to 0 you can fully control the reverb setting with your expression pedal. 

I highly recommend using the Moog EP-3 Expression pedal with a TRS based cable or other 50K equivalent. Expression will not work with Ernie Ball volume pedals. 

Reverb only mode is acheivable by turning the overdrive settings down. Overdrive only mode is available in Yellow mode with the reverb at zero.

Aesthetically this pedal is built with the intention of being 'tour grade' with custom designed CNC parts that are able to handle constant and expressive use. 

These weigh roughly 2lb and as such are a tiny bit more expensive to ship. Footprint wise they are: 5.72 x 4.77 x 1.92 Inches

**For Use With 9V DC Centre Negative Power Supplies Only**

Below are some clips that demo just a few of the noises this pedal can make. Recorded through a pushed Verellen tube Amplifier.

Red Mode with Controllable Feedback Expression Pedal

Red Mode with Momentary push into Yellow Mode

Yellow Mode pushed at Full Settings 



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